Macolive cultivates, transforms, and produces, in Italy and in other countries, vegetable raw materials with great competence, experience, and professionalism, respecting nature and the strictest international quality standards. Apart from the traditional preservation methods, using salt, today Macolive has realised a production of various deep-frozen food lines.


A wide selection of the best varieties from areas known for their quality and production.
The whole processing chain is overseen by highly qualified personnel and is subjected to continuous checks to provide a product with extensive hygienic and traceability guarantees and which respect chemical-physical and sensory requirements.


Agronomists and biologists carefully follow all the various stages of tomato production from greenhouse sowing for seedlings to planting and growing in areas whose fertile soils are especially suitable for tomatoes.
For the various types of product processing, we use state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to obtain semi-finished products of the highest quality.


Pepper production is followed through all its phases, from sowing to harvesting. They are cultivated in countries where the area and climatic conditions favor growth and appropriate ripening.


The artichoke is followed throughout all its phases of its production chain, from harvesting to shipment.
Particular attention is paid to the processing of the raw artichokes.
The artichoke plant is grown in optimum climatic conditions on fertile soils, which give the product a particularly savory, authentic flavor.


Macolive was the first European company in the industry to land in China in the 1970s in its search for a greater quantity of cultivated mushrooms that it could be found in Europe.
Thanks to its partnerships with local organizations, innovative technologies have been created to cultivate the most important wild mushrooms.


The caper plant grows spontaneously on the arid soils with elevated sun exposure found in those countries along the Mediterranean coastline. The flower is beautiful, but very fragile and very short-lived.
The unopened flower buds are picked completely by hand, with the harvest normally taking place between late may and early august.
Macolive receives the fresh capers directly from the pickers. Through careful processing, a product uniform in terms of its vibrant color and unique, unmistakable bouquet is achieved.

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