Macolive, leader in the semifinished agri-food production sector, represents the ideal partner for quality, safety, and variety of products cultivated and selected directly in the places of origin.

In fact, Macolive with the intent of satisfying the increasing demands of it clients and relative markets, made important investments directly in the places of origin, where it takes care of sowing, cultivation, and transformation of the agricultural products into semifinished ones, with the work of its Italian personnel, such as agronomists, biologists, and food technologists.

Currently, Macolive has collaborations with the most important production realities in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Poland, Spain, and China.

Thanks to the continuous engagement in research and daily contacts with its collaborators worldwide, today Macolive can produce according to the specific requests and needs of the various clients and can guarantee the supply of products in the times and places requested.

Macolive - Qualità Garantita

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