Our history is your present

MACOLIVE is in Italy, precisely in Tuscany, in a valley situated among the beautiful Tuscan hills between Florence, Lucca, and Pisa where there is a deeply rooted agricultural tradition, especially the olive one.

From the late 1970s Macolive from local reality, essentially based on the processing of olives, has broadened more and more the range of its products by adding capers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic.

Apart from what mentioned above, it has further strengthened its core business, the table olives, consolidating over the years its position of importer from the two main supplier countries, Greece and Spain.

In addition, in the ’80s and ’90s Macolive identified new markets supplying raw materials: China, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, Tunisia, Poland, Argentina…

Simultaneously to the increase of the number of suppliers and reference markets, also thanks to the growing globalisation, in Macolive we realise the need to be able to carry out more controls regarding the cultivation and processing phases of the products to ensure the clients, in the meanwhile more and more numerous and international, the fulfilment of the increasingly important standards both in terms of quality and observance of the strict hygiene-health standards.

Hence the stipulation of exclusive collaboration and partnership agreements with the main producers of semifinished raw materials of the world that allowed it to obtain high contractual power as well as great control of the cultivation, harvest, and processing phases in almost all the countries where it takes in supplies of products and raw materials.

For example, in Spain Macolive has been having, for over thirty years, close relations with the major Andalusian cooperatives and is exclusive distributor in Italy of Dcoop, one of the major Spanish food groups of the sector.

In addition, Macolive was the first European company of the sector to cross the Chinese border, collaborating first with the Chinese governmental organisations then becoming partner of one of the largest private groups of the country in the agri-food sector.

Macolive has also undertaken commercial agreements with important local realities in Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece for the harvest and processing of capers, olives, artichokes, tomatoes, and peppers, which place Macolive among the first world producers of the above-mentioned products.

In 2005, the central headquarters in Tuscany was renovated and widened through the realisation of a new industrial installation of almost 40,000 sqm that includes, warehouses, cold stores, and offices that allowed doubling the processing and stocking capacity: this allows Macolive to be able to supply its clients a personalised service even in terms of restocking and delivery.

The competence of the personnel in charge of purchasing, since based on the know-how of the various products and markets, and on an over forty-year experience, constitutes an important value and heritage evidenced by the predominant position that Macolive has reached within the semifinished agri-food raw materials production and commercialisation scenario as well as by the fact that for these products Macolive is the reference supplier of the most important transformation and packaging companies both in Italy and abroad.

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