Macolive’S personnel, constantly present at the production sites, follows every life phase of the product, from sowing to processing, up to the strictest physical and biological characteristics checks, always ensuring a product of maximum reliability.

Macolive personally selects the seeds of the various products, specifically those relative to tomatoes and peppers, and has realised greenhouses for the growth of the various plants that are successively planted.

Macolive formed a team of qualified people, both Italian and foreigners, composed of biologists, agricultural engineers, and phytopathologists, that take care of selecting the most suitable plots of land, execute the various fertilisations that they need and, after planting, follow the growth of the various plants.

Macolive is also equipped with modern and efficient analysis laboratories where qualified personnel execute all the chemical and organoleptic checks on the products to verify the compliance with the various specifications required.

The company, over the years, has also created a wide information network diffused on all the territories of interest: this allows having accurate information regarding the trend of the various markets and various production campaigns constantly and promptly.

Macolive - Controlli, innovazione, sicurezza

Macolive - Controlli, innovazione, sicurezza

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